Expression Activity of Allergen Coding Genes in Grape Varieties Used for Tokaj Wine Production


Authors: Jana Žiarovská, Lucia Zamiešková and Miroslava Kačániová

Volume/Issue: Volume 23: Issue 1

Published online: 26 May 2020

Pages: 31–32



Vitis vinifera L. is adapted to a very variable range of climates but it mostly grows in the temperate regions of continental Europe. In the Slovak Republic, the Tokaj wine region is one of the territories, where wine production is concentrated. Grape is a popular fruit and when processed, it is used as musts, juices or wine. Some people may suffer from allergic reactions to grapes. Up to now, endochitinases, lipid-transfer protein, and thaumatin were identified as grape allergens. In this study, expression of chitinase and thaumatin allergen was analysed in the grapes of Tokaj region varieties – Hachat Lovelin, Tokay and Muskat Blanc. Expression changes were calculated by the delta delta Ct method. Expression differences of chitinase were found to be similar in these varieties. Thaumatin was found to be variable in its transcription.

Keywords: Tokaj region grape varieties, chitinase, thaumatin, expression



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