Evaluation of current landscape architecture approaches in chosen cities in Poland and Slovakia


Authors: Beata Fornal-Pienak andMária Bihuňová

Volume/Issue: Volume 25: Issue 1

Published online: 14 Jun 2022

Pages: 28 - 36

DOI: https://doi.org/10.2478/ahr-2022-0004


The Paper presents analyses of the strategies and projects that have been implemented and realised in landscape architecture, environmental protection, and sustainable design in the chosen cities in Poland and Slovakia. There are several levels of evaluation: the first one is policy approach (which includes strategic documents, conceptions, plans which have been elaborated), the second one is the level of landscape design and sustainability (including architectural competitions and project realisation) and the third one is public participation (involvement of the public in urban planning, bottom-up initiatives, support of the communities). Ten cities in Poland and ten cities in Slovakia have been chosen. (The Paper brings an overview what are the current topics, with a great emphasis on what are the trends in landscape architecture and what are the obstacles, which need to be overcome.

Keywords: landscape architecture, climate change adaptation, well-being, trends, sustainability



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