Green infrastructure and planning procedures – experience of creating an unofficial network of green spaces as an NGO


Authors: Marijo Spajić

Volume/Issue: Volume 25: Issue 1

Published online: 14 Jun 2022

Pages: 76 - 80



Article focuses on recognizing valuable green spaces and strategic positioning of new green infrastructure elements in space from the perspecitve of a non-governmental organization. It questions the limitations, roles, and possibilities of non-governmental organizations (NGO‘s) in the establishment of publicly accessible and environmentally significant areas in the urban matrix. The article considers personal experiences in the implementation of such projects, their influence on the daily livelihood of citizens and how an NGO can contribute bypassing current absence of legal basis for its implementation. The methods presented in the paper are described as informative guidelines and are not scientifically backed, although they do rely on scientific knowledge of the members of NGO and previously tried methods of earlier finds. This work represents a factual outcome of actions delivered by the NGO ZIPS (Zelene i plave Sesvete) and do not have to be replicative on other showcase examples, considering their legal, cultural, and other backgrounds.

Keywords: green infrastructure, strategic planning, NGO, tree planting, public participation



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