Unconventional interventions on redeveloping unused urban landscapes based on social interactions


Authors: Simone Back Prochnow and Miroslav Čibik

Volume/Issue: Volume 25: Issue 1

Published online: 14 Jun 2022

Pages: 92 - 98

DOI: https://doi.org/10.2478/ahr-2022-0012


In urban landscape, we are increasingly encountering the phenomenon of forgotten places, open areas without function, which were created by sanitation of unpromising objects or influence of various other external factors. We mostly talk about so-called mid-blocks and inner pavilion places which are open free spaces between two elements of a building, or empty areas between two or more separate objects without mutual connection. Thus, undeveloped places in the already standing continuous development which are intended to be reconstructed. This would be the most suitable solution from the point of view of a certain urban concept of the city because the original development would be supplemented and a meaningful urban structure would be created again. However, over time, it is not always easy and possible to redevelop all these places. In this case, it is necessary to think of a new function that would partially replace the original one. As part of green infrastructure and urban planning, municipalities often integrate various green solutions into these places which encourage their residents and users to spend their free time meaningfully in them. In the long run, these solutions are probably the best possible alternative to the above-mentioned supplementation of urban structures. However, it does not always have to be an expensive and sophisticated design but sometimes only a small short-term intervention based on a deeper developed idea called “bring back function” will suffice. The paper describes unconventional interventions to the places without function and seeks their connection with users in the context of social interaction.

Keywords: research by design, urban landscape, social interactions, open space, small-scale architecture



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