Some Aspects Of Greenery Restoration And Maintenance Management Of Woody Plants In Cemeteries In Nitra, Slovakia


Authors: Denisa HALAJOVÁ and Richard KUBIŠTA

Volume/Issue: Volume 17: Issue 2

Published online: 03 Jan 2015

Pages: 29–34



Greenery of cemeteries creates a substantial part of the public greenery in our towns but often does not subserve greenery functions. The older architectonical burial places where the greenery is diminished on tree-lined communications by reason of spatial limitation represent the most widespread cemetery type of Slovak towns. Existence of woody plants at these conditions is affected by various negative factors which result in vitality decreasing and poor aesthetic standard of woody plants in burial places. The article is focused on evaluation of greenery in the two eldest cemeteries in Nitra town. The obtained data describe complex dendrological analysis, species composition, landscape value and health assessment of woody plants. On base of evaluation results we have proposed the principles of framework methodology for greenery restoration and maintenance management of woody plants in sepulchral places.

Keywords: cemetery, greenery, design, inventory, evaluation



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